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Grammar - Vocabulary


Boost your score

IELTS/CELPIP Writing: Linking Words

One of the four criteria that your IELTS writing will be marked on is "Coherence and Cohesion". It makes up 25% of the overall score! To boost your score in this section, you will need to use a variety of linking words in your writing.

Download a free of linking words here: 

IELTS/CELPIP Speaking: Linking Words

In order to be awarded a higher score in speaking, your speech, as well as your writing, needs to be connected. The linking words that are used in speaking are very often not the same as those used in writing (unless it is informal)! 

Download a list of linking words for speaking here:

$45 CAD

English Grammar and Vocabulary

Your way to perfect English

Have you been struggling with grammar for years and still do not feel comfortable when you need to say or write something in English? Or are you simply an English grammar and vocabulary geek? 

In order to understand, remember and be able to use the grammar rules, I, as a teacher, need to make sure that you have enough time and room to discover the rules first and practise them with as much vocabulary as possible by speaking and writing. 

Do not forget that these classes are 1:1, so you will have all the time of the world and my patience to become a real expert! I promise zero levels of boredom and a lot of work done!

Note: For faster progress, this class is recommended in combination with one speaking class a week. See above.

$60 CAD
Gramma and Vocabulary

English Test Preparation


Do not study more. Study smarter!


The IELTS/ CELPIP examiners use standardized marking rubrics to assess your performance, meaning there are certain things that you are expected to show them in order to score high. Therefore, you need to:

  1. know exactly what the examiners look for

  2. identify where you are making mistakes and what is holding you back

My private IELTS/ CELPIP turoring sessions include:

  • first session: a complete entry test followed by detailed feedback and correction

  • tailor-made study plan to address the issues discovered in your entry test

  • full explanation of the grading criteria

  • time-saving exam strategies and tips

  • thorough corrections of 1 writing assignment per class

  • speaking practice with authentic exam questions used in the past, plenty of feedback

  • wealth of supporting material to maximize your writing and speaking score 

$70 CAD
Taking Notes
IELTS Preparation
Student Writing

Mock Test with Feedback


Take a practice test before you sit the official one and receive a detailed written and oral feedback on what it is you need to focus on, what your approximate level is and  understand exactly how to get the score you need.

The mock test is based on authentic exam questions used in the past and consists of 2 parts:

  1. 60 minute Writing exam (Task 1 and 2): written at home and submitted by email

  2. 90 minute Online session that includes:

  • Speaking exam: 15-20 minutes followed by feedback

  • Writing feedback: detailed correction + feedback, space for questions

  • full explanation of what exactly the examiners expect of you

  • tips and strategies to maximize your scores

  • supporting material and recommendations for further study

$90 CAD
Mock test

Personalized course

Tailor-made to meet your needs

If my offers above do not seem appealing to you, simply book an online meeting with me, tell me about your goals and dreams and wishes and I am sure I will be able to prepare classes that would suit you best

Do you want to travel or improve your everyday English? Then we can work on all your language skills (speaking, writing, listening and reading) and vocabulary!

Are you going to study at university in English? 

Do you need English for work? 

Do you struggle with giving presentations in English?

Book an online meeting and tell me. There are so many options.

from $60 CAD
Laptop & Coffee
Personalized Course
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